Flesh Mesh Privacy Policy

TrueDepth Data

Flesh Mesh uses the device's TrueDepth camera system to track the movement and geometry of your face. This information is used to distort the camera’s video feed to create caricatures and face swapping in photos and videos.

Access to the camera can be disabled at any time in the system settings.

The camera images and resulting depth data are only used while the app is running. TrueDepth data is never stored locally or remotely, other than the photo and video artifacts that are saved by the user. Camera access is required to get depth data from Apple's API's.

Face data is never transmitted over a network, stored remotely, given to third parties, or used for any non-camera purposes.

Camera and Microphone

Access to the camera and microphone are requested to create photos and video. These files are stored locally and never transmitted or shared unless the user decides to do so manually using affordances such as the “share sheet.” Access these APIs can be revoked by the user in System Settings.


Some anonymized app-usage data is stored and transmitted to Unity Analytics. This data records actions such as: how many videos are created, if the user shared video, how long the application was used and other related metrics. This data helps us evaluate how people use the application and how to create a better user experience. For more about how this data is stored, collected and aggregated, please read the Unity Privacy Policy:


If you have any questions about data usage, please contact us at hello@panchonomchalant.com.

Thanks for using Flesh Mesh!

Last Updated January 17, 2018